Thursday, October 8, 2015

Mile Marker #12

Hello Friends -

We wanted to get the word out that we have reached Mile Marker #12, which has been an incredible surprise and TREMENDOUS GIFT from the Lord!  The scripture we have chosen for this marker is Mark 10:27.

Jesus looked at them and said, 
"With man this is impossible, but not with God; 
all things are possible with God."

In the last post we shared that John was admitted into Hospice in Ashland and things were looking quite grim.  SHOCKINGLY, since his release from Hospice, he has done a 180 degree turnaround.  It has been absolutely MIND BLOWING to experience this night and day difference!  John's nausea & pain have been under control these past 2 weeks with the right combination of pain and anti-nausea meds that Hospice has him on.  John has even been able to go back to work these past 2 weeks - WOW!  Not only has John been able to work, he has been able to get back to eating and spending some great quality time with out of state visitors. ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!  We stand in COMPLETE AWE with how God has orchestrated such perfect timing for this wonderful reprieve for John and the entire family!  Such an INCREDIBLE GIFT that we recognize is from Jesus! 

While we don't know how long this Bonus Time/reprieve will last, we will cherish every moment of it and continue to stay focused on God's purpose for John and the family in this sweet stage.  It's been so encouraging to see John with a renewed sense of purpose, knowing God has a plan for him right here and right now and can still make a difference for the Lord, regardless of what stage he is in his battle with melanoma.

In the meantime, given his prognosis, John's care go forward will be with Hospice only.  We have been praying for God to make it clear if and when it was time to switch gears with who he receives treatment from.  We feel God is now leading us down the path of receiving treatment with only Hospice at this point and to discontinue our time with the Get Well Center.  We are thankful for the 8 really good months of treatment the Get Well Center provided to John and for the quality of those months that he had.  We appreciate your AMAZING generosity during these past 8 months of banding together as a community to help support John and the family financially in pursuing the path of treatment at the Get Well Center.  It has reaffirmed and grown our Faith in the Lord that when we are obedient to the Lord's direction, He will provide in incredible ways (even in times like this when at times it seems impossible.)  In our case, the Lord provided in HUGE ways financially which takes such a tremendous burden off of John and the family's shoulders during such an extremely difficult time.  THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for allowing your hearts to be softened to John and the family to help provide for such a large need we had during this time.  Since we are shifting gears to hospice, insurance should be covering a good portion of the care now.  We appreciate all of your generosity and are so THANKFUL to all of you who helped in so many ways.  Words can not express how extremely grateful we are to each of you who have helped along this race!  Thankfully now our financial need should be much less, which makes fundraising no longer necessary.

Kindly we still ask for understanding that if you would like to visit John when he is home, to reach out to John prior to via text preferably in case he is resting/recovering from the day.  Jill still plans to post a sign up on the front door if there are days/hours that are tougher ones for John, where it would be too difficult to have visitors or if he has already had too many in one day.  Again, please know it's nothing personal, just something they have learned that on the bad days, it's best to be in a quiet space alone.  However, we are so THANKFUL that John has had MUCH relief recently and has been able to rest well these past 2 weeks and connect with so many of you!

We will continue to rest in God's promise that His plan is always the best, regardless of how difficult the marathon may be.  

We certainly appreciate and have continued to feel your prayers!  THANK YOU!!!!

If you could please continue to pray for:
1. Continued relief for John from severe pain and nausea.  Also, his left rib has begun to hurt again so we pray for relief in this area as well.  In the past rib pain has meant a broken rib.  
2. For John to feel well enough these next couple weeks for his daughter and grandchildren from Colorado to visit for a few days and create more quality, lasting memories with them.
3.  God's wisdom on medical/personal daily choices to make.
4. For continued rest and endurance for John, Jill and the entire family.
5. For comfort, peace and patience for John and the family as they wait on the Lord to reveal his plan for John's healing either here on earth or in heaven.  

In His Love,

The Gooney Gurneys